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It’s good to see you on my site because transition to retirement is all about you!


If you are thinking about making the transition to retirement and beyond, you are in the right place!



What changes will you make to your lifestyle?

Are you wondering how you might continue to make a meaningful contribution?
Are you apprehensive or feeling uncertain about where to start?
How will you identify what’s important to you?
How will you put the changes into action?

Of course, you want the best possible outcome!  

Finding someone to talk to about your retirement life, making plans for your future and taking action will get you started. 
Having a coaching conversation will help you explore your options, decide on the changes you want to make and make a plan so you can live the life you choose.


Women After Work offers retirement coaching either for individuals or groups.

Are you ready to take the next step to get organised?

There are a variety of coaching conversation packages available to accommodate your needs.


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