6 Important Retirement Tips

6 important retirement tips to get you started

You can plan for your retirement all your life, dream about it and imagine how it may look.

There’s no way to really know how retirement will be for you until you pop the cork and retire.

# 1: You may need to re-establish structure in your life

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For your entire working life, you have had a predictable structure to follow. Of course, you won’t be going to work anymore, and this is something that has been taking much of your time. Now that you don’t work, that structure is going to change. You will have more time to do the things you do. As time goes by, you will start thinking about how precious time is. You might start saying no to activities you don’t want to do and focus on more purposeful and important things.

Most people enjoy some structure in their lives and retirees develop a new schedule. The new structure may include regular activities. Many retirees take up a class, sports activities, volunteering or part-time work. It’s up to you. Many people find this a challenging issue and it is an important step towards a positive change.

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5 Surprises in the First Year of Retirement

The retirement that you’ve been looking forward to for many years is finally here! Congratulations!

Your life will change in more ways than you expect. The first year of retirement may not be exactly the way you’ve been imagining.

How will you ensure you have a happy retirement?

It might be stressful.

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You know that leaving the stress of your workplace will be liberating and relaxing. Despite your years of anticipation, it may be surprising to experience what it’s like to wake up and have no job to go to.

Entering retirement will be a time when you experience more changes than at any other time.  There will be changes to the daily routine, physical surroundings and the people in your life. There will be changes to your relationship with your spouse and your spending habits.

Making some plans will help!

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How will you live a rewarding and meaningful retirement?

How will you transition from work to live a meaningful retirement life?

There is so much more to retirement than the usual activities. You now have a fantastic opportunity to refocus. You can use your experience, skills and wisdom to do something you will enjoy and that is meaningful to you.

This time of retirement transition also creates an opportunity for you to consider expanding your horizons. Develop new skills to pursue your interest in something different. It’s fascinating to see what people do.

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Retirement Options – planning for life’s best times

It used to be said that life begins at 40

Well, put that book to bed!  It’s now widely accepted that the very best chapter in any woman’s life is the one titled “retirement”. It’s the time when you can stop working to live and just live!

As with any significant decision in life – having a baby, taking on university study, getting married or divorced, travelling – retirement requires research and planning. If you want to get the very best out of that next chapter, both personally and financially, then you need to look at your retirement options to prepare and prepare well.

Luckily, help is at hand. Organisations such as Women After Work, are retirement coaching specialists in the field who can help you to consider your retirement options and plan the specific steps required to achieve the retirement you want.

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