5 Surprises in the First Year of Retirement

The retirement that you’ve been looking forward to for many years is finally here! Congratulations!

Your life will change in more ways than you expect. The first year of retirement may not be exactly the way you’ve been imagining.

How will you ensure you have a happy retirement?

It might be stressful.

happy retirement

You know that leaving the stress of your workplace will be liberating and relaxing. Despite your years of anticipation, it may be surprising to experience what it’s like to wake up and have no job to go to.

Entering retirement will be a time when you experience more changes than at any other time.  There will be changes to the daily routine, physical surroundings and the people in your life. There will be changes to your relationship with your spouse and your spending habits.

Making some plans will help!

It’s not a permanent vacation

Many people think that once you retire, every day is going to be a vacation. After all, you’ll have lots of time up your sleeve. You start imagining that you’re going to spend all your time on your favourite hobby or going to the beach. You will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. You will also clean the house, do the shopping, and pay the bills. These activities will also occupy your time. You will have good days and bad days just like you did throughout your working life.

How will you avoid being lazy and undisciplined in your first retirement year?

Once you retire, it’s good to allow yourself some time to chill out and enjoy your new-found freedom. You’ve earned it. You might even throw out your alarm clock or turn off the alarm on your smartphone for good. Once you’ve relaxed for some weeks or months, sooner or later you need to settle into your new life.

Devote some thought to how you want your days to look after you retire.

Consider to what extent you want to have a schedule.

Allow yourself some time for spontaneity. It is one of the joys of your retirement life.

Make some plans or you might find you feel miserable.

Your relationship with your partner is going to change

first year of retirementIf your partner is also home all day, you’re going to spend more time together so you will need time adjusting to retirement relationships.

Being together more will change the dynamic between the two of you.

It’s important to share your feelings and concerns with each other. Talk about how you will spend time together and the times that you might spend on your own pursuits and friends.

It may be helpful to establish some regular time together, such as date nights.

You may need to re-negotiate your division of household responsibilities.

Do everything possible so that your relationship flourishes as you enjoy your retirement life


Your relationship with money will change

For most people, retirement means your income will reduce.

This means you will need to adjust your budget so that it aligns with your income.

If you have a partner, you should both work on developing and agreeing upon the new budget.

You will not be immune to unexpected expenditures, for example, car and house repairs, and medical or dental incidents. Be sure to allow enough of a cushion in your budget to cover these unforeseen expenses when they arise.


How can we help to plan your first year in retirement?

By planning well, your first year of retirement will be a smooth and enjoyable one. Working through the planning process will enable you to be aware of possible surprises, work through the options and adjust suit your new lifestyle. You will be in control and make changes in your own time. You will be coping with retirement transition and ready to live an enjoyable, relaxing and fulfilling life.


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