6 Important Retirement Tips

6 important retirement tips to get you started

You can plan for your retirement all your life, dream about it and imagine how it may look.

There’s no way to really know how retirement will be for you until you pop the cork and retire.

# 1: You may need to re-establish structure in your life

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For your entire working life, you have had a predictable structure to follow. Of course, you won’t be going to work anymore, and this is something that has been taking much of your time. Now that you don’t work, that structure is going to change. You will have more time to do the things you do. As time goes by, you will start thinking about how precious time is. You might start saying no to activities you don’t want to do and focus on more purposeful and important things.

Most people enjoy some structure in their lives and retirees develop a new schedule. The new structure may include regular activities. Many retirees take up a class, sports activities, volunteering or part-time work. It’s up to you. Many people find this a challenging issue and it is an important step towards a positive change.

#2: Find a new sense of fulfilment in your retirement life

Work may have given meaning to your life and many retirees find they experience a post-work crisis. As your new life kicks off you will need to explore what activities might give you a purposeful life after retirement. You could start exploring new interests. It’s important that you find activities that provide a sense of fulfilment. Many retirees find that helping others is a great way to get the fulfilment they need.


#3: The relationship with work friends may slip away

If you think you’re going to maintain the relationship you had with your friends at work, then you could be disappointed. Once you are out of the workplace, the relationship with your colleagues may fade away. As you take part in new activities you will find yourself forming new friendships. Many retirees take the opportunity to reconnect with long-standing friends and family.


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#4: Your relationship with your partner may need adjusting

When you finally get to spend more time together you might find your partner seems different. Everyone needs some space! You may find that you need to redefine your relationship to suit your new life. This might include separate interests or discovering why you fell in love in the first place.


#5: You may need a new house


Once you start spending more time at home you may realise your house doesn’t suit your needs anymore. You don’t want to spend all your time working on maintenance. You may want a smaller home, a smaller backyard or you might prefer to create a community garden.

Some retirees decide to live in a smaller complex or rent an apartment to make their life easier.


#6: Make a plan for your finances

It’s your money!

You might discover that you have a lot more money to spare.

You no longer need to spend money getting to work, your kids may not depend on you anymore. You may not need a new car. You can spend more money on travel, donations and other activities. Keep some money in aside for unforeseen events. Medical bills might increase as you age. It could be a good time to redo your budget.


The best surprise of all…

For many retirees, retirement turns out to be even better than they thought it would be! These retirement tips are some of the ideas about retirement living that any good planning process will investigate as you consider this major life change.

Remember the age-old motto: be prepared!

Go on – get out and enjoy yourself!

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