10 great ways to celebrate your retirement

Is your retirement day getting close?

That’s an achievement worth celebrating!

Have you thought about how you might mark the occasion?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Plan a retirement partycelebrate retirement Kendal Drew

The occasion could be a meal or drinks for a select group of close colleagues’ clients family and friends. You could go for the big bash including everyone. The focus could be on your departure and retirement plans. You might even consider a themed party. This might also be a great time to pass on your new contact details.

Organise a trip

It may have been challenging to fit a long trip in while you were working especially if you didn’t accumulate long service leave. Now you can plan that trip around Australia. Head south or visit the great north-west. Have you dreamt about a long trip overseas? You finally have the time to immerse yourself in the experience. Retirees have the luxury of traveling during weekdays and off-peak times. That means you can take advantage of last-minute deals which can make travel more affordable.


How can you start the journey to having a happy retirement?


You’ve earned it! You will have the freedom to unwind in a way you never could when you worked. Put the alarm on silent or delete it altogether. You would take the time to linger over the daily news, meditate or whatever else takes your fancy. There’s no need to rush now.

Make a memory book

You’ve achieved a lot during the years. You may have travelled or raised a family. You could organise all the pictures that you have taken in the past in an album and include the dates and captions.

Play plan retirement Kendal Drew

You may be lucky enough to have grandchildren or know someone who does. Spending time with children is a great way to bring joy into your life and they will remember you for it. No children? That’s good too. Cast around for something to do which will leave you and others laughing and smiling.

Take some lessons

You could rekindle a childhood interest by taking piano lessons or signing up for a painting class. Or you could enrol in a TAFE course in a subject that interests you. Some colleges provide classes, especially for retirees. You could also take courses online from your home – no parking ticket required.

Write your own story.

You will have time during your retirement to think about your life and get it recorded. Tell your story in a blog, memoir or a book. Your stories can help educate your children and grandchildren about your life. You can include tips that can help them lead successful lives in the future.

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Try new experiences

After working for most of your life, you might be ready for some new experiences. The beginning of retirement is a great time to brainstorm your bucket list. Have you always wanted to go hot air ballooning, visit the observatory or go beachcombing? Trying out new experiences will stop boredom from creeping into your retirement life.

Give back to your community

You might consider taking up a volunteer role for a cause that’s close to your heart. Or doing something for your favourite club.

Plan for the next phase of your life

With retirement will come your new lifestyle and going to work every day will be a thing of the past. The beginning of your retirement might involve some rest and relaxation. Now is the time to start dreaming about what you want to do. You might want to consider your retirement options. Start making a plan for the longer term and get started with something you love doing.

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