10 great ways to celebrate your retirement

Is your retirement day getting close?

That’s an achievement worth celebrating!

Have you thought about how you might mark the occasion?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Plan a retirement partycelebrate retirement Kendal Drew

The occasion could be a meal or drinks for a select group of close colleagues’ clients family and friends. You could go for the big bash including everyone. The focus could be on your departure and retirement plans. You might even consider a themed party. This might also be a great time to pass on your new contact details.

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6 Important Retirement Tips

6 important retirement tips to get you started

You can plan for your retirement all your life, dream about it and imagine how it may look.

There’s no way to really know how retirement will be for you until you pop the cork and retire.

# 1: You may need to re-establish structure in your life

retirement tips Perth

For your entire working life, you have had a predictable structure to follow. Of course, you won’t be going to work anymore, and this is something that has been taking much of your time. Now that you don’t work, that structure is going to change. You will have more time to do the things you do. As time goes by, you will start thinking about how precious time is. You might start saying no to activities you don’t want to do and focus on more purposeful and important things.

Most people enjoy some structure in their lives and retirees develop a new schedule. The new structure may include regular activities. Many retirees take up a class, sports activities, volunteering or part-time work. It’s up to you. Many people find this a challenging issue and it is an important step towards a positive change.

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